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California Seafood and Produce
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  Tropical Fruits    

Our selection of tropical fruits includes Mexican lychee, Florida lychee, longan and guava, Hawaiian rambutan and Panamanian pineapple. Lychee is one of the oldest cultivated fruits, originating in China over 2000 years ago.

  Lychee, longan and rambuton have short harvest seasons. The first lychee available in the mainland USA comes from Mexico, arriving in Los Angeles in early May, and is available until middle June. This product is grown in Veracruz and is not treated with preservatives. This natural product is delicious and can be kept fresh for two weeks under proper refrigeration. Lychees  
  Later in May, fresh lychee from China arrives in the USA. Product from this origin, treated with preservatives to extend shelf life, competes strongly with the Mexican product. In July, the Florida (Homestead) crop starts, and is harvested for 6 weeks.  
  Boxes of Lychees The Mexican lychee is the Brewster variety, possessing a very sweet taste and a big seed. The Florida lychee is the Mauritius variety, which is also sweet, but has a small seed.  
  Longan is harvested in Homestead, Florida, from late July to September. Its flavor is similar to lychee and its skin is brown instead of pink. Longans  
From December to February we handle Hawaiian rambutan. This is a paradigm of an exotic fruit, as it is a sweet, tart flesh surrounding a seed with a bright red skin and red and yellow"hair". The word rambutan comes from the Malay, "rambut", meaning "hair". We sell the production of the largest farm on the Big Island.
  Rambutons Rambuton orchards