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  papaya tree Papaya grows very well in the Kapoho district on the Big Island of Hawaii, which has nutrient-rich volcanic soil, and lots of rain.

The papaya tree grows fast - it produces fruit within one year after planting. After 3-4 years, the tree is no longer productive and is replaced..
  There are over 2500 acres of papaya grown on the Big Island, and each acre can yield 750 lbs per week. That's almost 2 million lbs a week, which is shipped to the mainland USA and Japan, and consumed on the Hawaiian Islands. girl with papaya  
  Payaya is rich in papain, which has a mild, soothing effect on the stomach an daids in protein digestion. Papin is an enzyme made from the latex of papaya. Our grower selects the best quality fruit available in solo and rainbow varieties – he has the best reputation for quality in the business.  
We offer our Hawaiian papaya tree in the Alana brand. The product is vapor treated to meet USDA export requirements. Several other brands are irridated, which satisfies the USDA phytosanitary requirements, but some consumers are not comfortable with irridation. In this process, the fruit is passed through an electronic beam which sterilizes any insects that may be present in the box. Irridated fruit has been found to be safe for human consumption.
  papayas in box Alana brand papayas