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Matsutake means pine mushroom in Japanese, and it is a wild mushroom that occurs in the pine forests of some countries, namely, Japan, China, Korea, Morocco, Turkey, and the Pacific Northwest


matsutake mushrooms  
  The season is very unpredictable, the total North American volume was 100 tons in 2006, the worst year ever, and 900 tons in 2004 in 2004. The season starts in early August in Terrace, British Columbia, and continues until November in sourthern British Columbia. The USA season starts in early October in Crescent, Oregon and continues in the mountain ranges of Washington and the Oregon Coast. then ends in early January, if weather permits.  
  The product is purchased at small towns or gathering places in the forests, and then transported to packing houses in Vancouver or Portland where the product is graded for shape and size, packed in 1 kg baskets, and shipped to Japan in styro containers with blue ice. boxes of matsutakes  
  Hazelton If the season is good, thousands of pickers will forage for this valuable mushroom in the interior of BC, and in all producing areas in Washington, Oregon and California. A very busy picking area called Cranberry Junction in British Columbia has been nicknamed “The Zoo” because it’s a busy place during the season.  
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