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  limes Limes are a staple in the diet of Mexican people. The volume imported from Veracruz is enormous.  A normal week’s volume is 300 loads, and the quantity can be 500 loads in some weeks. This fruit is very plentiful in the winter months, and scarce in the summer ones, consequently the price can go from $4.50 for a box of 40 lbs to $40.00 for the same product.  
  Many companies in Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz, buy their limes at the central market, but they need to sell at an adjustable price to importers. This makes the business complicated. Added to the volatility of the market are quality issues – there is lots of rain in Veracruz and after a long rain, the limes will be weaker, and the color will fade. During the humid and hot summer months, limes show their vulnerability to the climate at the stem end. "Styler" (stem end breakdown) can become a problem. Consequently, our packers hold their production at the plant for a day before packing, so that any problems will appear before packing. Then, if necessary, the loads are re-packed in McAllen to ensure that the quality will be suitable for our customers.  
  packing limes We deal with five packers who are selective in what they pack, and in addition to supplying a good quality product, they advise the best available information about the market price and trends for the benefit of the customers.  
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  Veracruz was a seat of culture for the ...Indian tribes, who lived there in the ... and ... centuries. Below are photos from Tajin, one hour from Martinez de la Torre. The pyramid on the right was designed so that each window represented one day in their 365 day calendar.  
  ruins of Veracruz ruins of Veracruz